Argus the Mental ‘Palate Cleanser’


Monica Lewinsky at TED2015
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I’m not sure who this lady is or why she’s famous, but the nice folks at the TED2015 Conference apparently decided I was cool enough to follow her TED talk, to entertain the audience and get them ready for the next talk.

From Quartz:

With over 90 speakers over the course of five days, the TED conference is a cerebral workout. Speaker after speaker, the audience who gathered in Vancouver and Whistler last week was bombarded with exciting scientific breakthrough, emotional revelations, indelible performances, and ardent appeals for social and systemic change—one after the other. The program and post-conference activities stretched to 12-hour mental marathons at times.

The TED program curators were wise to the effect this can have on the audience, so with every few speakers, an interstitial video would be shown, as a kind of palate cleanser for the mind.

So, they played my tater tot video clip for the audience. I’m not sure what links me to Ms Lewinsky, but my mom says it might be that we both tried to swipe something that wasn’t ours and we both know what it’s like to be criticized publicly. I think she’s brave for giving the talk in front of all those people! Also, I’m not sure why I wasn’t invited to the conference – a place called Whistler has GOTTA be a great place for dogs. Maybe next year, TED people?


Argus at TED2016?



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