Dear Argus

I’m a four year-old beagle from Knoxville. I love my humans, and I try to do things to entertain them, but I almost never get treats! I’ve tried everything – the big eyes, pawing at my food dish, looking longingly toward their dinner plates – and I’m at my wits’ end. How can I get my humans to understand that I need snacks sometimes?
Thank you,
Treatless in Tennessee

This is a common complaint. It’s important to remember that humans aren’t born knowing how to perform. It takes some training and lots of patience from you to make them understand what you’d like them to do. Here’s one strategy.

As a puppy, I’d grab socks from the laundry and dart away from my humans. They had so much fun chasing me around the house, shouting loudly with joy! They would chase me and chase me, but I could see that they’d get tired. Sometimes humans will keep having fun until they drop from exhaustion – they can’t seem to help themselves – so to be kind, I’d drop the socks at their feet. They would be so grateful that I was taking such good care of them, they’d give me a treat! This is when you know that they acknowledge your place at the head of the pack. As long as you properly exercise your people, you’ll reap the rewards. Good luck!

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