Review: The IQ Treat Ball

My humans like to buy me cool stuff to play with, chew on, wear, eat, or use. Today I’d like to talk about the IQ Treat Ball.

challengeacceptedLet me start by saying that when a new item enters my house, I like to show it who’s boss. Not every toy is up to the challenge, so even toys that are labeled things like “TUFF” or “indestructible” often don’t last very long around here. The TUFF toys to the left took about 30 seconds to dismantle. Not great.

But there have been a few great products that have lasted a lot longer, and the IQ Treat Ball is one of them.  Technically, it’s not a toy but a puzzle meant to keep my clever little brain occupied for a little while. It’s a pretty simple idea, but it’s given me a lot of entertainment (and reward!) over the last several months.

In picture and video form, here’s how it works:


Then give the ball to your patiently waiting pup and watch him go to town.

The only downside to the Treat Ball is that some dogs (like my poor brother Jax) and some humans might not like the sound of the ball rolling across the floor – especially on tile or wood – or banging into cabinets and baseboards. But as far as I can tell, it hasn’t caused any damage to the house, and it’s survived intact for 9 months so far without me destroying it, so my humans are calling this a win.  You can buy the IQ Treat Ball on Amazon and probably in your local pet supply store for around 9 bucks.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor my human is affiliated with Treat Ball or receive any form of compensation from them. I just like it and thought you might, too.

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